USBwireless bike turn signal light

The direction of life control by me, The safety of the riding is mine !
      More and more office workers like enjoy the pleasure of night riding with friends after work,But the whizzing unceasingly cars with in the metropolitan area with rampage of motorcycle is one big buster for safety cyclist at the night. even though on the sit tube, fork have many different kind of rear light, but this not only increase the weight and also a pile of flashing light also caused inconvenience with rear passers-by.

    Very fortunately that Dongguan Han Nuo Mould Products Factory continuously develop all kinds of superior Bike Lights, and now have developed a powerful functions with intelligent ( LED Turn Signal Light) to help cyclists more safe riding at night.

    The most powerful( LED Turn Signal Light) Wireless multifunctional rear light to do the rear light function integration, without any hindrance to make your bike rear light elevate to same grade as automotive lamp.

Warning Lights Function--- LED Turn Signal Light
    A lot of roads design is not friendly for cyclist, without bike lanes that often happens m otorcycles, cars and bikes on one road march forward at same time, but if there is no obvious warning light/sign, it is easy to cause the rear car bumping. But this ( LED Turn Signal Light) wireless transmission is quite sensitive reaction and increase the safety of the cyclist.

Turn Signal Function--- LED Turn Signal Light
     When we riding the bike at night, if you want to turn left/right but the car or rider at the back is unpredictable, so it is often to happen collide or accident. Or sometimes rider will use one hand to show directions (but in the night? ), this is also dangerous.

    (LED Turn Signal Light) wireless transmission turn signal light to let you more convenient no matter day or night. when want to turn left/right then press the controller in advance, receiver will flashing and show the direction you want turn immediately, safely show to the rear of vehicle and more ensure the riding safety.
Item LED Turn Signal Light
   Model number HN-LED-B16
Material Environmental protectioin material
Ir wireless remote control Up to 5 meters
Wavelength 650nm
Laser type Visible light
  Product size 8*5*5cm
Remote control size 4.3*5.5*1.5CM
weight 110g
Continuous output High brightness laser light to warn on the road